Our Services

We provide an unrivaled level of service. You will benefit from our caring and professional audiological approach together with our expert knowledge of hearing problems and the very latest technological advances in hearing solutions.

Our services include:

  • FREE screening hearing testing
  • FREE hearing aid consultations
  • Quality hearing aid provision
  • FM and Wireless (blue tooth) fitting and assistance
  • Tinnitus and Menieres advice and management*
  • Diagnostic audiometry including speech audiometry, central auditory processing testing and speech in noise testing*
  • FREE home visiting
  • Noise protection
  • Shooting protection
  • Musicians custom filtered hearing protection
  • Custom Music Monitors
  • Swim plugs


                  "ABC Hearing offers you the best of both worlds"

Call today to benefit from our care and expertise on 01506 856500


                                                         *These services are chargeable - please telephone for further information