Testing & Fitting


If you are considering investing in a hearing system you will want to be confident that you are making the right choice, and with the right provider.  You can only do this if you are assessed thoroughly, receive all the relevant information and have answers to any questions you may have before you proceed.

At ABC Hearing we allow 2 hours for a new consultation. We believe it is extremely important to take the time to assess the needs of each individual client thoroughly, starting with a full history followed by an ear examination.  Using the latest computerised software, test equipment and procedures, we will then carefully carry out the relevant hearing testing and give full explanations of our findings.

Once the exact nature of your hearing loss has been defined, we will identify the options available to you and whether hearing aids are even suitable for you. If you require a medical referral we will arrange this for you at no additional charge. If you would benefit from a hearing system, we will guide you expertly through the makes, models, technology levels and performance of the latest hearing solutions and any other options available such as styles, colours and wireless technology along with prices without obligation or lack of true choice. 

We do not fit hearing aids at the initial consultation as we prefer to order brand new, up to date models to the exact specification we have agreed upon.

Fitting and Aftercare

Hearing aids are now more advanced than ever, but will only be as good as the audiologist who fits them. It can take years to understand and master the requirements of programming a system accurately and to each individuals needs.

We provide expert computerised fitting and programming together with comprehensive instructions on the use and care of your hearing system.  We allow 1.5 hours for a first fitting, so that all of your personal preferences are set up and you have a clear idea on how to manage your system once you leave.  All of our hearing aids are available on a months trial basis, so you can take the time to evaluate your system during your daily life and assess the benefit.

Typically there will be two more 1 hour appointments during the trial period to check on your progress and make any adjustments as necessarydepending on your initial experiences with your new hearing instruments.

Once you are happy with your hearing aids, you will become part of the ABC Hearing family and benefit from a complete aftercare service which includes hearing aid and ear checks, retesting, reprogramming, repairs and the supply of batteries and hearing aid accessories.

You will receive regular technology updates and news via our very own newsletters, and will be invited to our Open House and public 'hearing awareness' events which we host annually.  You can also join in on our very own abc community networking sites where we are keen to share the latest news, updates and both our own and our clients milestones via facebook and twitter.